“The brain and body catches fire”,Celebville mums reveal.

As I walked along Robert Mugabe Road on my way home after work, past Food World along the same road, I smelt something like meat, beaf to be precise.

Passing through the shop, where they made burgers by the entrance was one hell of a blow, every time. The smell was so horrible I felt like throwing up, to imagine that some people enjoyed that and even called it “food“ made no sense at all and that even I used to eat those burgers was beyond imagination.

So I would just change roads, and/or cross over to the other side, running away from the nauseating smell of burgers.

That’s how crazy I was during my first pregnancy, meat was a foe, all kinds of meat for that matter, explains my mentor and friend, Jackie Mbayiwa- Makuvatsine (Mai Maka).

“The brain and body catches fire, my college bestie would say. “One moment I am happy, suddenly I am sad, the next I am crying for no reason”, she says.

My husband was in deep trouble but being a great man he is, he managed perfectly. He would say to me “We are pregnant”, and announced the news to friends and family with great excitement and joy, meaning he was involved in our child’s life has much has I was”,she says.

No Pregnancy is easy, that I have learnt through converstions I had with several mothers – Healthy pregnancy. Safe delivery. Incredible, yes! But not easy.

There are a lot of unexpected surprises to deal with when creating life, some situations that cannot be shared with family and friends, some situations which are not a laughing matter.

Meanwhile, I managed to chit – chat with some prominent figures, who explained their pregnancy peeves. Here is what the had to say.

Actress and Radio Presenter Tinopona Katsande (Tin Tin), suffered from endometriosis, a gynaecological condition that causes extreme pain and discomfort in women but explains that there is rainbow after every storm. She says:

“My pregnancy was nothing short of a big bore in the emotions and cravings department.

I spent a lot of the 9months in and out of hospitality unfortunately because of the endometriosis fibroids that were growing inside with my son.

My friends were the most annoyed by it all though. They had always said to me when laughed at their mood swings and cravings ” I will get you back when you have your 9 month run one day.” She says.

“The whole nine months for me was a bitter sweet journey. At one point my doctors considered taking him out at six months because of the massive two fibroids. Oh!I was in so much pain.

But in all that the first time I felt that flutter in my belly and I thought it was gas but it was my sons first kick …. now that moment I will never forget.

I cried so hard missing my mom as she is late but she always said ,she quotes,”when baby starts to flutter its game over.”

She was right. I fell in love there and then”.Tin Tin explains.

Baby boy Yambuko Nokutendaishe Chigariro become Tinopona’s darling rainbow.

Again I had an opportunity to speak with News Anchor, Itai Mutinhira who discribed her pregnancy journey has an emotional rollercoaster.

She explains to me that it was not only the mood swings that made her pregnancy less of a joy but small things, the “innocent” actions and words around her, at home, at work, would put the expecting mum under a lot of pressure.

…”iko kungochema chema”. (“Would cry a lot”)

“I used to hate my bosses😂 . I felt so misunderstood with my big belly and they would keep nagging ,complaining and just being on my back.

I was so dreaded going to work towards the end of my pregnancy. Just the sight of them made me cringe”. She says.

“Also I didn’t want to be touched or caressed by my hubby. It was so bad I sometimes felt like throwing up.

I could not help it. I wanted him around but didn’t want him. Don’t know how to really explain it.

I really was scared it would break my marriage but as soon as I gave birth to Malakai, I was back to my old self, even crying for the slightest attention. It’s so funny now when I look back”. She adds on.

“My most memorable time was when my baby was over due and I just would not go into labour.

So mom drove all the way to my place from the farm to do morning walks with me and I would even do twerking sessions.

Google was my friend so I also tried inducing labour by taking caster oil until I realized my baby was not kicking as much .

I had missed my last appointment in the hope that I’d get into labour naturally and when I was advised to just go everything happened so fast.

My gynaecologist wasn’t happy about missing it because then I would have been induced and not risk any complications .

To cut the long story short I was rushed straight from my appointment with no preparation to the hospital for induction and the nurses found that my baby’s heartbeat kept dropping and was irregular then I had to be rushed to the theatre for an Emergency c section.. everything happened so fast but at the end of it all I was the proudest mom to be laying next to the fruit of my womb.it was all happy endings”,says Itai.

The first scans of the foetus to the arrival of the little one is the most blissful moment for the mother, however, pregnancy and child birth that cannot be glorified and painted in a Rosy hue, Sports reporter Yvonne Mangunda explains.

“My best pregnancy memories are the first scans, when you get confirmation and see the baby for first time on the monitor.

I love the feel of the baby moving inside my womb, the kicks. Its the most beautiful thing, its a connection that fathers never experience and miss out a lot. Its one thing to feel the baby move through touch as fathers do, but to feel that movement on your body is priceless”, Mangunda says.

“I have horrible pregnancies of vomiting non stop to the point of hospitalization at one point plus non stop spitting so there is no too much to enjoy during pregnancy”, Mangunda explains the pregnancy journey she went through.

“Pregnancies differ so we can’t judge them the same, some get emotional over anything, some don’t. I don’t think I get too mad over small thing but naturally I cry over silly things even when I am not pregnant so pregnancy just makes it worsen”,she says.

Even during the early stages of pregnancy, ” pet peeves” start to kick in.

Do you have permission to touch an expecting mother’s belly?Are you invited to argue about the childs sex or breastfeeding debates. Should you be discussing the labor horrors you went through with a mother about to experience the same situation?

South African Social media Developer and Manager Nattaley Otto had her fair share of annoying habits coming from even strangers. Already unbearable heartburns were a torture but pet peeves could not just stay away. She had this to say :

“The worst part was being 8 months pregnant and still being hounded for dates, like do you not see this huge tummy?’ The guy did not notice I was pregnant somehow and swooped in for the kiss inappropriately several times. Blocked him now.

“The worst part of pregnancy for me was heartburn and the fact that no matter what you do it just can’t be comfortable”.Nattaley says.

Nattaley explains her priceless pregnancy moment.

“The best part was feeling my baby kick and feeling his hiccups. The movement of life inside you is something like nothing else. There is nothing like it. I used to feel him stretch his foot out and I would tickle it from the outside. The first few times it seemed to make him shy but soon it became our thing. He would hold his foot out for an extended tickle many times.

The worst part of pregnancy for me was heartburn and the fact that no matter what you do it just can’t be comfortable”. She explains.

Mood swings, emotional rollercoasters, pet peeves, just to mention a few, is what we can expect when expecting, keeping in mind that pregnancy is an individual experience and it differs.

We look back to some experience and find them hilarious “With my first, I wanted nyama yakagochwa (braai meat), not kumba, yekubhawa! (… from the public bars) #anonymous.









From “News Bae” to “Senpai Rumbi”

“Taking care of your health and well-being is your first step to self-confidence. Love yourself first before you expect someone to do so.” : Rumbidzai Takawira.

HARARE  – ZTV News Producer/Presenter, Rumbidzai Takawira recently took another turn in her life, and now spends some time (of the scenes) with her new counterparts, Shihans, Senseis and Senpais.

After earning the title “News Bae“, because of her stunning beauty and flawless voice, the “Black Ninja Barbie”, takes whatever energy is left after work hours, and puts it all to use in the Mas Oyama Dojo, at the Raylton Sports Club where she is addressed as “Senpai Rumbi.”

Shihan, Sensei, and Senpais are Japanese names which mean “Teacher.” In SO Kyokushin, they are used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in the field, respectively.

From the look of things, Senpai Rumbi is enjoying the sport and has a bright future ahead of her. Last year, she had an opportunity to participates in the So Kyokushin World Karate Championships held in Japan and All African SO Kyokushin Karate Regional Tournament held in Chitungwiza, although she did not win the fights.

Moreover, Senpai might be Popular and might have a great career and striking looks but she remains an open-hearted girl who is well nurtured and humbles herself to others, making it easier for her to make friends wherever she goes.

“….This is a girl I fought with, who made me fall out sadly during round two of fights….” Picture posted on instagram` with her opponent in Japan.

Rumbidzai has become one of the nation’s best TV Personality who has inspired many women and girls to become career driven, and has maintained a favorable reputation over the years, and every move she takes in her life is to make her a better person.

“I train not beat up people but to stay fit and for a firm unshaken spirit, heart, body and mind. Observing the rules of courtesy, respecting superiors and refraining from violence, never forgetting the true value of humility, you must learn to expand your limits everyday knowing that behind each triumph are new peaks to be conquered. If you don’t overcome you tendency to give up easily life leads to nothing,” she quotes Sosai Mas Oyama.

Meanwhile, the Harare Mas Oyama Raylton Sports Club team is led by Sensei Samson Muripo, first African to win a world karate championship title. Muripo scooped gold in Japan in 2009 during the first International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan First World Karate Tournament in Tokyo, after defeating Japanese champion Kikuyama Yasumichi in the final within three minutes. 

Now we know what News Bae is up to. If she’s not slaying on the news desk, she’s giving a helping hand to the needy, or she’s in action allocating her new talent on the Tatami ring. 

Osu !!!