“Taking care of your health and well-being is your first step to self-confidence. Love yourself first before you expect someone to do so.” : Rumbidzai Takawira.

HARARE  – ZTV News Producer/Presenter, Rumbidzai Takawira recently took another turn in her life, and now spends some time (of the scenes) with her new counterparts, Shihans, Senseis and Senpais.

After earning the title “News Bae“, because of her stunning beauty and flawless voice, the “Black Ninja Barbie”, takes whatever energy is left after work hours, and puts it all to use in the Mas Oyama Dojo, at the Raylton Sports Club where she is addressed as “Senpai Rumbi.”

Shihan, Sensei, and Senpais are Japanese names which mean “Teacher.” In SO Kyokushin, they are used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in the field, respectively.

From the look of things, Senpai Rumbi is enjoying the sport and has a bright future ahead of her. Last year, she had an opportunity to participates in the So Kyokushin World Karate Championships held in Japan and All African SO Kyokushin Karate Regional Tournament held in Chitungwiza, although she did not win the fights.

Moreover, Senpai might be Popular and might have a great career and striking looks but she remains an open-hearted girl who is well nurtured and humbles herself to others, making it easier for her to make friends wherever she goes.

“….This is a girl I fought with, who made me fall out sadly during round two of fights….” Picture posted on instagram` with her opponent in Japan.

Rumbidzai has become one of the nation’s best TV Personality who has inspired many women and girls to become career driven, and has maintained a favorable reputation over the years, and every move she takes in her life is to make her a better person.

“I train not beat up people but to stay fit and for a firm unshaken spirit, heart, body and mind. Observing the rules of courtesy, respecting superiors and refraining from violence, never forgetting the true value of humility, you must learn to expand your limits everyday knowing that behind each triumph are new peaks to be conquered. If you don’t overcome you tendency to give up easily life leads to nothing,” she quotes Sosai Mas Oyama.

Meanwhile, the Harare Mas Oyama Raylton Sports Club team is led by Sensei Samson Muripo, first African to win a world karate championship title. Muripo scooped gold in Japan in 2009 during the first International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan First World Karate Tournament in Tokyo, after defeating Japanese champion Kikuyama Yasumichi in the final within three minutes. 

Now we know what News Bae is up to. If she’s not slaying on the news desk, she’s giving a helping hand to the needy, or she’s in action allocating her new talent on the Tatami ring. 

Osu !!!


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